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  • RV Shelter
  • 8 Post Metal
  • RV Shelter Kit
  • Best Priced Metal RV Shelter Kit On The Market.
  • $2,075 Galvalume Roof
  • Panels & Trim ( As Shown )
  • $2,210 Painted Roofing & Trim
  • Base Plates ( If Needed )
  • 8 @ $ 60 = $ 480
  • Heavier Gauge Steel
    Than The Competition
  • 24 Gauge Roofing
  • 4" X 4", 14 Gauge, Galvanized Post
  • 14 GA. Purlins, 10" Deep

8 Post Metal
RV Shelter Kit

  • 28'-6" L X 15' 2" W X 15' Height
  • ( 14' Clearance )
  • All Galvanized and Galvalume Material
  • 90 MPH Wind Load
  • 40# Snow Load
metal RV Shelter
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Easy Installation. Do It Yourself Kits At A Great Price.

Designed To Be Constructed By One Or Two People With Minimal Building Experience.
Metal RV Shelters Can Be Picked By Customer At The Following Locations:
Must Have A Truck Or Trailer Capable Of Hauling 18' Long Panels

Western States Decking, Inc.
901 W. Watkins St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007
( 602 ) 495-0048
Western Metal Deck
616 S. Oaks Ave.
Ontario, CA 91762
( 909 ) 467-2016

Metal RV Shelter Kits Can Be Delivered Inexpensively. There Must Be A Forklift Or Two People Available To Hand Off Load RV Shelter Kit. The Truck Does Not Come With A Forklift And The Driver Is Not Allowed To Off Load. Delivery Site Must Be Capable Of Accepting A 48' Flat Bed Truck. The Entire Kit Weighs Appx. 1,000 Pounds. However No Individual Component Weighs More Than 75 #. Unloads Quickly.

Can Be Delivered Anywhere - E mail: mike@metaldeck.com With Zip Code Of Ship To Destination For A Freight Rate.

Western States Decking's Single Slope RV Shelter represents the best RV Shelter value in anywhere. This metal RV Shelter is strong - it has a 40 lb. snow load capability and can withstand 90MPH winds. It is perfect for large covers such as equipment protection, apartment/condominium RV-Shelters, storage covers, small boat cover, etc.

It is designed for the do-it-yourselfer. This RV Shelter kit is easy to install and is designed to be constructed by one or two people with minimal building experience.

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